​The Jungian approach works deeply, with the processes and products of our conscious and unconscious mind, shown by our dreams and the symbolic material of everyday communication; these often go unheeded and unheard, but are always present and vital sources of information and guidance.​

​​Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy




When we work with our inner resources such as our dreams, we strengthen our communication with these inner sources of strength and our viewpoint is enlarged, enabling us to come to a fuller understanding of ourselves - our strengths and limitations - and of the possibilities which lie within us and press for recognition in outer life.

The therapeutic conversation and dream work are the most common means for healing and growth, as are creative expressions such as drawing; these provide rich sources of information to greater understanding of the inner promptings toward growth.

Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy (the distinction between the two concerns how deeply one journeys on the inner path) are insight-oriented, based on the knowledge that the problems and life difficulties that lead us to seek support and guidance are rooted within us - as are the solutions.

​The Jungian approach is distinct from all other psychotherapeutic approaches in the fundamental knowledge that there is an innate healing tendency within psyche, underlying and supporting one's movement to health, growth, and wholeness.