A dream... comes to us from the dark, all-unifying world of the psyche.  What would be more natural, when we have lost ourselves amid the endless particulars and isolated details of the world's surface, than to knock at the door of dreams and inquire of them the bearings which would bring us closer to the basic facts of human existence?

​                                                                         -CG Jung

Dreamwork is an important aspect of the Jungian approach to understanding the promptings of psyche.

Images and actions, thoughts and emotions, memories and anticipations are the stuff of our dreams.  As inner stories, dreams have much to teach us about the hidden and unknown or shadow parts of our selves, so often unheard and unheeded by day consciousness, yet made accessible to us through our dreams.

Dreams remind us of who we really are and who we have the potential of becoming.  Dreams connect us to the wisdom of inner reality, an inexhaustible well of creativity and guidance supporting and directing us on our life journey.

Dreams are so important to steering us along our uniquely individual path, that some have speculated that we sleep in order to dream.



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